Personalized Birthday cake – First attempt!

Hello everyone! I’m back with another cake, and this time with more decorations in buttercream and fondant. For those of you that skipped the name of this blog, I work in a lab in the DC metro area. As my labmate’s birthdays are coming up, I am practicing my cake decorating skills on them and (hopefully) keeping everyone happy and fed.

My first birthday cake was for my friend and coworker Caroline. She loves flowers, cats, and science. And chocolate. And nutella. So I put a bit of everything she likes in this cake by combining a couple of recipes and using the flasks we use in the lab as an inspiration for the color scheme. Below are the recipes and the links to the websites where I copied them from.

For the chocolate cake with nuimg_0201tella frosting, I used this recipe. Tip for people that plan on using this recipe: the picture makes it look like this is a decent size cake but it isn’t. I strongly suggest that if you’re making this for more than 3 or 4 people, double the recipe. As usual, I cut a bit of the sugar from the cake recipe (only 1/2 of a cup instead of 3/4). Noone complained, and they still said it sort of tastes like a brownie! Win-win!

For the decorations I used this website as inspiration. I only made the white cat and took artistic liberty with the eyes. For the erlenmeyer flask, I handmade rice krispie treats (as per the recipe on rice krispie box. Message me if you can’t find it and I’ll send it to you) and shaped them into a flask before it got very solid (about 2 hours after flattening it out). I then frosted it once with white buttercream (same recipe as last posts) and put it in the fridge for 1 hour so it could solidify. I frosted it a second time with the final colors you see on the cake. Here’s a picture of what our lab flasks look like!

And voila! I put the cake together and decorated with simple purple flowers (tips 12M and 3 from Wilton), white and orange roses (tip 104), and a simple orange border (Tip 1).

Message me if you have any questions!



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