Happy Saint Patrick’s day!

Hello everyone!

I know I’m a couple of days late to show you my creations for Saint Patrick’s day but you know how family drama can get in the middle of things, am I right? Needless to say it involved a lot booze (the drama, not the baking!) because, well, Americans get really drunk on Saint Paddy’s. I just don’t get it… Irish people go to church and celebrate their patron. How did this crazy drinking become a thing?

Anyway, off to the baking. So this week’s posts combines a couple of cupcake sets I made. One of them was for a family dinner that included a gluten-free family member and the other was for St. Paddy’s. Since the recipes are fairly similar (both chocolate and vanilla based) I am combining them in one post. You can mix and match however you like!

For the regular chocolate cupcake, I used this very simple Allrecipes recipe that is basically fool proof. I must confess I forgot to put in the vanilla extract and they tasted yummy, so there you go! For the gluten-free cupcake I followed this recipe to the last detail. I am not used to cooking gluten-free and wanted to make sure the cakes turned out as delicious as described in this post. They did. Honestly, they tasted better than the regular batter!

For the frosting I used exactly the same recipe as my previous post. EveryoneIMG_0036 likes this frosting but I think I might try Italian merengue buttercream next. I want to start making my cakes taste a bit more professional.
So, on the right side you have the gluten-free chocolate cupcake with vanilla frosting, topped with a fondant flower (you can buy these pre-made or hand make them like I do!). I used the 3M tip from Wilton to frost the cupcake and give it a clean professional look.

On the left, you have my St. Patrick’s cupcakes with the chocolate cake and vanilla frosting. I was going to frost them with mint but given the high allergies we have within our group of friends, I decided to go with basic flavors that had been pre-approved. For the blue frosting, I used 2 drops of cornflower blue from wilton gel coloring IMG_0072system. For the rainbow I bought sour patches (they taste horrible, at least to me, but they look so much like rainbows!). For the pots of gold I used milk chocolate candy melts, melted them for 1 minute on the microwave and with molded it into a cylinder using parchment paper; after it solidified I cut around 1 inch high pieces. Using leftover frosting, I put some on one side and dipped it into golden sparkly sprinkles from Wilton. And voila! Pots of gold at the end of the rainbow! I got the idea from this website, but I changed some things to make it less likely for my friend with food allergies to get a reaction.

I hope you like this post and you give these recipes a try! They’ll be the hit of the party: I PROMISE! Check my instagram for other pictures and cakes! Ask me you need help with setting up your cupcakes!

Happy Spring everyone!






Cake Decorating Wannabe

Taking Wilton cake decorating classes has sparkled my creativity again. Expect a post every couple of weeks with cake/cupcake recipes, decorating tips and fails I’ve had, and potentially a couple of bad science jokes.

These are the first cupcakes I decorated after the Wilton cake decorating class 1 course, for my friend’s birthday.

Chocolate cupcakes with vanilla frosting

Original recipe for the chocolate cupcakes is from allrecipes.com but I changed it to have less sugar (1 cup only). They turned out delicious and with less calories.

Vanilla Frosting is from the wilton website .

Wilton Colors used: Rose petal pink, green musk, and cornflower blue.

Wilton tips: 12, 104, 233, 3

To make the roses, use this handy youtube tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6YKzh8jWJQY

I can’t promise they’ll turn out great the first 10 tries… but they’ll get better!