Gaming cake, auction win!

Hello everyone,

In the spirit of finding excuses to make and decorate cakes while maintaining my healthy weight, I volunteered to bake a cake for a silent auction for a mid-school in Silver Spring, MD.

The final result wasn’t totally perfect (mostly because I still haven’t figured out how to make sharp edges with fondant!) but I think it’s a great start for anyone out there looking to surprise kids with their favorite video game: Minecraft.

So I used this chocolate cake recipe (no changes, and honestly they aren’t kidding – this is the best chocolate cake I’ve ever made!) with betty crocker chocolate chip triple fudge frosting. Can you tell this is a cake for kids? haha

Cutting the squares was not hard, specially because I froze the cake so the crumbs wouldn’t ruin the edges. I used frosting to “glue” them all together and then frosted the sides with chocolate frosting. The top was done with my regular vanilla frosting and Kelly green food dye from Wilton. Decorations were done copying the pictures from the internet with the Minecraft characters (hopefully I won’t get in trouble for the copyright!)

The cake was a success, the kids loved it. And with this I donated $20 to the mid-school. Pretty awesome, ahn?

And there you have it! Do you like it? Do you have any suggestions?