Cake Decorating Wannabe

Taking Wilton cake decorating classes has sparkled my creativity again. Expect a post every couple of weeks with cake/cupcake recipes, decorating tips and fails I’ve had, and potentially a couple of bad science jokes.

These are the first cupcakes I decorated after the Wilton cake decorating class 1 course, for my friend’s birthday.

Chocolate cupcakes with vanilla frosting

Original recipe for the chocolate cupcakes is from but I changed it to have less sugar (1 cup only). They turned out delicious and with less calories.

Vanilla Frosting is from the wilton website .

Wilton Colors used: Rose petal pink, green musk, and cornflower blue.

Wilton tips: 12, 104, 233, 3

To make the roses, use this handy youtube tutorial:

I can’t promise they’ll turn out great the first 10 tries… but they’ll get better!